Хентай игра / Philia of Prison escape [PC/JPN]

Название: Philia of Prison escape
Релиз: 2015/07/08
Жанр: jPRG, Fantasy, Elf, Fairy, Tentacles, Monsters, Big Tits
: Double melon
Платформа: PC
Производство: Япония 
Язык интерфейса: JPN
Размер: 247 Mb

Описание: 50 km away from the underground prison in the mountains from the Imperial City Walsh Tat. There is a person who has committed a great sin regardless of gender and it has been recognized by the people as a prison that housed to, The actual situation is, to maids (maids) good reputation in the town and villages Were housed in falsely accused, it was outrageous of facility that is the escape game.

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